Sunday, March 24, 2013

Wherein The Ocelot Is Sick And Ponders Various Things.

After four days of denial, I am ready to admit it - I'm sick. I feel like crap and so did the Intelligent Thing and canceled my lesson and went back to bed. The Husband is bringing me various foods and liquids and some homeopathic remedy that tastes like sweetened ass. I am grumpy about my plans for gardening getting nuked by my stupid sinuses.

When presented with the amazing resource of a whole bunch of Elder Knowledge And Experience right there in front of me, why on earth can I never think of anything good to ask?

I must remember never to take Beltway 8 again. It is my own personal Hotel California. "Look, kids - Big Ben!"

I still want to know what Club Tranz was, especially given the Really Short Dude with the two Really Tall Possible Ladies Of The Evening not far from it, relatively speaking. Mr. Goldstar, we are SO going in for a drink next time.

Sunday, March 10, 2013


I have my dog and one of my cats with me now. The divorce papers are filed. I live in a house that, while shared, has a huge yard. There are bluebirds, mockingbirds, and cardinals everywhere. There will be a garden. There are goats in the field across the street.

My work clothes are unpacked, my saddle is here, and They are by my bedside. They are a bit more out-in-the open than They were, and They are a bit dissatisfied about that, but They are being patient about me making Them a better shrine.

They also like the tree in the front yard with the gigantic knothole in it. I have been told to leave offerings there. I have also been told that sneaking this past Crazy Jeebus Landlady is my problem, not Theirs, and that I am a very sneaky witch who ought to be able to handle this.

My dog and cat are sleeping next to me. My Husband is playing a computer game. There are bluebirds in the yard of this windswept, Grey Gardens house, and I am happy.