Saturday, November 30, 2013

Go Home, Universe, You're Drunk.

Dear Universe,

It is not funny to dangle shit I want/need in front of my nose only to make it distinctly other than what was initially advertised and/or snatch it right out from under me. Stop it. It is pissing me off.

No love,
The ocelot


Someone was supposed to take this puppy that showed up on Wednesday night, when it was supposed to be 30F as a low. Now, it's "I don't know when I can get her and maybe my cousin wants her but I don't really know."

One of the boarders at the barn was supposed to be renting a 3-bedroom, 2-bath house for $900 a month. Catch is, we have to let her and her 13-year-old daughter stay in one of the bedrooms on Saturday nights so they don't have to drive up from Galveston for Sunday morning lessons. Which makes it a two-bedroom, one-bath house that I now will not be able to not rent without Barn Owner being pissy at me and possibly shitcanning me.

Got a new job (thanks to Evn), but realized last week that I had forgotten about the stupid wage garnishment (due to the student loans my ex decided to simply not repay for months on end), and am hoping New Boss doesn't decide that I am therefore too much trouble to have as an employee.

Also, Husband had his eyeglasses flung accidentally into a fire on Thursday, and contacts (which were the only thing he could get today) are not working for him at all. )

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Witch, Diagnose Thyself.

Despite having an immune system that allowed me to have appendicitis for three days without dying, I am now sick. I blame Germy Co-Workers. Or I was blaming them until about 20 minutes ago.

See, I am lying on the couch, achy and feverish and watching "Extreme Cheapskates" and reading witchy blogs and generally pouting about missing my coven's full moon rite. Only salsa tastes good, and I am tempted to eat it directly from the jar. But I digress.

I'm reading The Crossroads Companion. Nice. I like it. There's this one post about rites to Hekate. Huh. Hekate. Interesting. I called on Her just a few days ago when it was very cold and Pregnant Neighbor's dog was outside and -


Pregnant Neighbor is now New Mother Neighbor. Her birth was pretty rough - she had a Caesarian - and was going to stay at her brother's as A. her husband works at night and B. the trailers are not heated. So her not-very-furry dog was going to be outside during one of the two nights last week when it was going to be about 32F. In all the baby-having, did they even know how cold it was supposed to get? What to do? After giving said dog a nice carboard box with polyfill fleecy stuff and an old pillow in it and finding the dog was having none of it, I came in and prayed to Hekate.

There in my kitchen, arms raised, I said, "Hekate, Great Hekate, friend of dogs, please help this dog to be warm tonight. Please let her use the box and be comfortable."

This may or may not have happened - as luck would have it, New Mother Neighbor came home to grab a few things. I ran over, told them about the weather, and then lugged my huge crate over. Neighbor Dog went in and everyone was happy. This was Wednesday.

I got sick on Thursday.

I prayed to an underworld goddess and then I got sick and could not figure out why until reading that blog post.

I am an idiot.

Monday, November 4, 2013

The Final Word On Samhain 2013.

Apparently, my feeling that Samhain wasn't quite over yet was more accurate than I could have imagined. The Ex texted an hour ago to tell me that my eldest cat had passed suddenly and unexpectedly.

Goodbye, Nikolai. I'm so sorry I never got to say it in person. I have missed you every day and will until I see you again. Next time, I will never, ever let anyone take you away from me.

The rage and pain in my heart right now would terrify any sane person.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

I Don't Even Know What To Think.

At ritual last night, I asked that my witch ancestors (not blood relations who were witches, since I don't know that I have any) come to me in dreams.

What I GOT was a scary-ass nightmare where I was the victim of a serial killer who is either crippled and older or pretends to be either or both, and who put a cardboard box on my head before killing me.

Go figure.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

The After-Samhain Report.

Samhain was, almost literally, a wash. The morning brought a terrifying storm that took out the power to and ripped the roof off half the barn where my horse lives (all the horses are ok, just a bit baffled). I discovered that it is harder to see trees lying across the road when there is A. heavy rain and B. no light. Luckily, both the Ocelotmobile and I managed to drive away from said tree unscathed.

Samhain evening was actually pretty nice, but only one child came for the Ritual Sacrifice. Bummer. What to do with all the chocolate that we didn't give to Pregnant Neighbor? Take it to friends tonight, of course.

There are pumpkins, sitting uncarved (due to our erratic schedules, friends suddenly dropping by last night, etc.) in the kitchen. On the one hand, it seems silly to carve them now. On the other, who says we have to make a light so the Ancestors know which house to come visit? Maybe this year, they're for attracting other things. A better job. A roof that does not spring new leaks as fast as the landlord fixes the old ones. Maybe instead of putting a candle in them, they need to be filled with...other things. The stuff of life, perhaps. The kind of things that got Ms. Dirty a great big "EEEEEEW" from the more delicately-sensibilitied in the pagan blogoverse.

If I keep this up, no-one will ever eat my kick-ass vegan pumpkin bread again.

One thing's for sure - Samhain isn't quite over yet.