Saturday, November 16, 2013

Witch, Diagnose Thyself.

Despite having an immune system that allowed me to have appendicitis for three days without dying, I am now sick. I blame Germy Co-Workers. Or I was blaming them until about 20 minutes ago.

See, I am lying on the couch, achy and feverish and watching "Extreme Cheapskates" and reading witchy blogs and generally pouting about missing my coven's full moon rite. Only salsa tastes good, and I am tempted to eat it directly from the jar. But I digress.

I'm reading The Crossroads Companion. Nice. I like it. There's this one post about rites to Hekate. Huh. Hekate. Interesting. I called on Her just a few days ago when it was very cold and Pregnant Neighbor's dog was outside and -


Pregnant Neighbor is now New Mother Neighbor. Her birth was pretty rough - she had a Caesarian - and was going to stay at her brother's as A. her husband works at night and B. the trailers are not heated. So her not-very-furry dog was going to be outside during one of the two nights last week when it was going to be about 32F. In all the baby-having, did they even know how cold it was supposed to get? What to do? After giving said dog a nice carboard box with polyfill fleecy stuff and an old pillow in it and finding the dog was having none of it, I came in and prayed to Hekate.

There in my kitchen, arms raised, I said, "Hekate, Great Hekate, friend of dogs, please help this dog to be warm tonight. Please let her use the box and be comfortable."

This may or may not have happened - as luck would have it, New Mother Neighbor came home to grab a few things. I ran over, told them about the weather, and then lugged my huge crate over. Neighbor Dog went in and everyone was happy. This was Wednesday.

I got sick on Thursday.

I prayed to an underworld goddess and then I got sick and could not figure out why until reading that blog post.

I am an idiot.

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