Saturday, November 2, 2013

The After-Samhain Report.

Samhain was, almost literally, a wash. The morning brought a terrifying storm that took out the power to and ripped the roof off half the barn where my horse lives (all the horses are ok, just a bit baffled). I discovered that it is harder to see trees lying across the road when there is A. heavy rain and B. no light. Luckily, both the Ocelotmobile and I managed to drive away from said tree unscathed.

Samhain evening was actually pretty nice, but only one child came for the Ritual Sacrifice. Bummer. What to do with all the chocolate that we didn't give to Pregnant Neighbor? Take it to friends tonight, of course.

There are pumpkins, sitting uncarved (due to our erratic schedules, friends suddenly dropping by last night, etc.) in the kitchen. On the one hand, it seems silly to carve them now. On the other, who says we have to make a light so the Ancestors know which house to come visit? Maybe this year, they're for attracting other things. A better job. A roof that does not spring new leaks as fast as the landlord fixes the old ones. Maybe instead of putting a candle in them, they need to be filled with...other things. The stuff of life, perhaps. The kind of things that got Ms. Dirty a great big "EEEEEEW" from the more delicately-sensibilitied in the pagan blogoverse.

If I keep this up, no-one will ever eat my kick-ass vegan pumpkin bread again.

One thing's for sure - Samhain isn't quite over yet.

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