Sunday, September 23, 2012

Happy Equinox.

I spent the equinox at home, having a memorial dinner for Housemate #2's mom, who passed away in August. There was lasagna, garlic bread, salad, queso and chips, wine, root beer, fudge, and companionship.

Family was, as might be expected, a big theme. Friends #1 & #2 have been spending a lot of time on, and told us all the stuff they've found about their families so far. Family legends that proved to be just that, famous folk they're related to, and all of it terribly interesting.

Friend #1 also brought us a wonderful gift - a squat, corpse-green pumpkin. It's creepy and otherworldly and beautiful, and when viewed from above, the sections make heart shapes. It's the blue-green of decay; it's a healthy fruit waiting to nourish us. A perfect gift for the balance of light and dark before the days grow longer.

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