Thursday, December 13, 2012


So I will, contingent on passing my drug screen (no problem there), soon be a part-time employee of a certain Big Orange Sign Hardware Store. It'll be close to the New Place, and doesn't interfere with my job at the Good Barn.

I'm doing more Seven Spheres rites again, and getting new and different things this time. Tonight's Rite was to Jupiter, who's about building your own Kingdom on earth. While I was meditating on his seal (the astrological sign), I started imagining living in the New Place - where we'll put our bed, what it'll look like in the kitchen, all that. And as I was chastising myself for daydreaming when I should be meditating, I heard a Voice:

You are not daydreaming. You are imagining. Do you think the ruler of a Kingdom doesn't have to imagine their Kingdom?Without imagining the future Kingdom, all you're doing is reacting, not acting.

Duly noted. I'll be thinking of that this weekend during the final tearing-down. And being grateful for this new job and the financial relief it will bring.


  1. Congratulations on the new job!

    Oh yeah, and on your Kingship too. (It seems I often get the cart before the horse.) Very cool!

  2. Which came first, the Kingship or the job? (laughs) And I haven't been called yet, so I suppose I'm counting the eggs in my Kingdom before the Chickens of the Realm lay them, but I'm being optimistic and whatnot. :)

    I believe the New Place will now need Chickens of the Realm. (cracks self up)