Monday, May 14, 2012

Goodbye to a dear companion.

Last Wednesday, First Husband and I had to take our eldest cat, out sweet little Pyewacket, to be put to sleep.

She'd lost some weight, but we hadn't thought much of it - she was, after all, sixteen. Then she lost a lot more, and over the course of only a few days. Then she couldn't walk, and it was time to see the vet and confirm what we both knew; it was Time.

We brought her shell home, and First and Second Husband buried her in the backyard (in what's becoming our own little pet cemetery, now that I think of it - no wonder that part of the yard seems to resist domestication).

Goodbye, Picky. We miss you.

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  1. I have lost four cats over the space of the last two years, including Lucifer who was twenty plus (I had him for twenty years). *hug*