Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Rough Spring.

It's been a rough spring. A spring filled not with growth and increase, as one might expect, but with illness and death.

A friend lost a four-month-old grandson. We saw our dear little cat sent to the Otherworld. A friend's grandmother passed. Second Husband's great-grandmother died. Another dear friend's beloved dog suddenly took ill and died. First Husband had diverticulitis for a month. Another pair of close friends lost a grandmother and lost a friend killed in a carjacking (he was 22). My horse (along with half the horses in the county) has pigeon fever, which has no real cure, causes gross abcesses that can lead to secondary infections, and can last for two months.

Hence, an Open Letter To The Universe:

Dear Universe,
This really needs to stop. It's getting ridiculous. Don't make me reconsider my "everything happens as it's supposed to, so it's best to interfere as little as possible" stance. I am seriously ready to start lobbing some major mojo around if things don't even out and start resembling something like normalcy.

Behave yourself.

The ocelot

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