Friday, June 1, 2012

Headed Home, or Get What You Need Part 2.

I'm going to be a Gardnerian Seeker asking for training in about 30 hours or so.

I have no logical reason - except that I like the folks I'm talking to and will be getting said training from - to feel like this, but I feel like I'm going home. I finally got what the elders on the Amber and Jet list kept telling seekers; when you find the right bunch of people, the ones you're supposed to be working with, you'll know it, and you won't care overmuch about trad or lineage. When I realized that even if these folks weren't BTW, I still wanted to work with them, celebrate the holidays and esbats with them, share funny stories and good food and all that with them, I knew: we're family.

Granted, we're like long-lost family who are still getting to know each other - nobody's finishing each other's sentences quite yet. Sure, I still need to meet with and be found acceptable to the rest of the coven. But I'm not worried, just wildly exultant and tranquilly happy all at the same time.

Even if I can't make it to their full moon tomorrow (family transportation logistics - ugh), I'll be observing the esbat with as much joy in my heart as any witch ever had.


  1. It was so lovely getting to meet you and yours last night. I can't wait for us all to do it again.



    1. Thanks, Veles - it was wonderful meeting you and yours, as well, and I look forward to seeing y'all again soon!