Friday, April 19, 2013

The Good, The Bad, And The Other Stuff.

It's been a busy week.

First, I am now divorced. Despite a minor glitch in the paperwork (which almost led to me shrieking "WHAT DID YOU DO YOU ASSHOLE" at The Ex), I am happily legally undone from The Ex. He and That Woman/Ex-Housemate were behind me and The Husband, making smootchy-face before the judge came in. Seriously? You feel the need to put on such a show when he and I are GETTING DIVORCED? Jeebus Christmas, how insecure can you get?

Second, a little chat with Something Hostile in the yard seems to have led to a truce. It didn't try to scare me this morning when I was out walking the dog, and I'm good with that.

Third, one of my favorite riding students just quit. He's five, and his dad had mentioned last weekend that he was thinking about doing other things, but I'm hoping that Barn Owner doesn't decide that it's because I suck as an instructor. HINT TO PARENTS: if your kid is ADD/ADHD/has the attention span of most five-year-olds/is emotionally overwrought due to a pending divorce, please tell their instructor's boss that they're not quitting because of their instructor. Thank you.

So I'm out in the yard with the dog, blogging and surfing. I didn't go get my Freedom Certificate (divorce decree), because it was entirely too beautiful outside and I haven't really gotten to do a damn thing I wanted to all week (except for meeting with Trothwy and Evn, which is always a super dose of "me" time). I may call some friends. I may not.

I will sit and stare at my bean plants. They are awesome, as is the rest of our garden.

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