Monday, May 27, 2013

Everything Is The Same, And Everything Is Different.

We are now married, thanks to our wonderful officiants Evn and Trothwy. Thanks, y'all :) Awesome job, and I owe you each a stole*.

Not much went as planned. The outdoor concept was nixed by the Husband, who was fretting about a 60% chance of rain. While the ceremony was outside, the noshing was inside, which, of course, meant it did not rain a drop. Frigging Texas.

One set of Husband's relatives wound up not showing at the last minute because they "had to spread dirt in the yard". This is why brides write to Miss Manners and ask if they can bill guests for, say, the tables and chairs that were then completely unnecessary. Other guests had last-minute disasters that had to be tended to and towards which I feel far more sympathetic.

When I realized the initially almost-forty-person guest list had dwindled to a much more manageable eighteen or so, I thought, "Well, at least we didn't pay per-head in a hall somewhere" and then heard a low chuckle from Somewhere and a Voice saying, "This was what you wanted, wasn't it?"

Not exactly, no. But much closer. And Husband's Mother didn't show up, which I'm sure made everything much better than it might have otherwise been. I owe Somebody for that, and I'm sure the bill will be coming any day now. I'm on the lookout. I'm also wondering if I need to unshoal the "Husband's mom doesn't do or say anything inappropriate at our wedding" sigil from the others, since that's now done and the others aren't, really.

Sigh - I'd like to stay home and think about all this, and possibly even do something about it. But alas, I scheduled a lesson for today, so contemplating my new married state and the intricacies of sigil use are going to have to wait.

Everything is the same - I have little free time, the Husband and I are interacting pretty much as we were three days ago, I go to work, I will come home and cook. Everything is different - our relationship is now easy to explain, we are legally bound, we have created something new together.

*Evn and Trothwy were considering wearing stoles as indicators of office for the wedding. Alas, the Catholics are quite proud of their products, so no stoles were bought and worn, and Evn did not show up in a Bishop's miter and robe**, which would have thrilled my blasphemous little heart no end.

**He also didn't show up wearing only body paint, shoes, and a t-shirt with "PLEASE EXCUSE MY ENORMOUS PENIS" written on it, and I am still somewhat disappointed that I didn't encourage him to do this with more seriousness.

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