Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Week Thus Far.

PRO: Found a place to live.
CON: It is a trailer in a fairly trashy trailer park, and needs tons of work before it's ready.
PRO: Our landlord seems nice. He was late to our meeting today because his parents' house was having electrical problems. Husband offered to help, and Landlord paid him despite Husband's protests that he need not pay, that little old people should not be in a house with only half the power in Texas in the summer.

CON: Butthead Housemate moved in his girlfriend (and her two kids who I actually suspect are baby hippos, from the amount of noise made) without asking us, in direct opposition to the "everyone must approve new housemates" policy.
CON: Girlfriend - hereafter Perpetually Vacuuming Concubine - just had to do so at 9pm last night, just as I was falling asleep, and was a little bitch about what I feel was a fairly polite request that she cut that shit out as we wake at 4:30am at the latest.
PRO: While we were out, BH texts Husband that PVC has tripped a breaker and they now have no power upstairs. Said breaker is in our room. Bwa ha ha!!

PRO: I am now a first-degree Gardnerian. And that's all I'm saying about that. It was amazing last Saturday night, and the best experience I could have hoped for/imagined. Really, there's no point in me telling you specifics even if I could/would. To paraphrase Crowley, those who've been there can't explain, and those who can explain haven't been there.
CONS: None.


  1. I too am in Texas, and yes this time of year no one should be without A/C. I love communing with nature,but only in a river or cold watering hole from June through August. Keep up the Great Work.