Wednesday, August 28, 2013


We forgot to ask how one might get Intarwebz in the Trailer Park of the Damned. It now looks like we'll be providing some one-toothed Spam-eating cousin-maters with Intarwebz at some point, since I can't see this as more than a year's solution.

I know. First-world problems. But we're FIVE MINUTES from a MAJOR highway. I cannot have livestock. The roads are paved. I can see neighbors. IT'S NOT THAT FRIGGING RURAL.

I am too stressed to ride. This does not happen often. It usually heralds me hiding under or on top of something and refusing to be moved.

Hence, I bring you the following Scene From A Coven:

ME: So, after the initiation, my cat pissed blood, some other bad shit happened, and I got bitten by something ON THE EYEBROW and now my face swells up every morning. So if y'all want to go ahead and give me my second degree and just get this over with, that's fine by me. I'm just saying.

THE ELDERS: (laugh)


  1. ((Laughing)) Just wait until you see what happens after *second* Bwahahaha!

  2. @ usedkey - I thought of that. I think the best solution is for y'all to just lay it right on me - give me second and third in one weekend. I promise to sleep outside and touch no electronics, plumbing, your motor vehicles, etc., lol!

    And things have finally settled down a bit. Including the intarwebz :)