Wednesday, September 18, 2013

What Are You Wearing For Samhain?

After a friendship at work went terribly sour, I started thinking about masks.

See, this Co-worker I've had the falling-out with fancies herself to be this Everybody's Mama-type. You know, sensible, level-headed, and more than ready to tell you her homespun solution to whatever's going wrong. The type who sees no irony in making the statement, "Shrinks don't do any good - they just take your money", when she could obviously benefit from seeing a good one (we all hear about her dead son. Every day. A propos of anything, everything, or nothing).

Well, despite her now annoying the ever-living shit out of me, she made me start thinking. About how we see ourselves and how that happens and how we present ourselves and why. About the masks most of us wear every day.

Are you the Smart One? The one who Could Be Doing More? The Wise One? Are those straps digging into your face a little bit? Maybe you don't see out of the eyeholes as well as you used to. Maybe you'd like to be a peacock or wear a gimp mask for a bit.

Hey, I try not to judge.

This Samhain, see if your mask still fits. Maybe it's time for a new one, or none at all. Ask Them, who see all of your faces. It's supposed to be a time of year to get a little scared, isn't it?

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