Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Dreams and Work.

There was circle on Saturday with the wonderful Trothwy and crew, and then back to the Seven Spheres Rites on Sunday. Frater RO has advised paying attention to our dreams.

I don't recall more than one, and an odd one at that. I was in front of a room, but instead of a door, it had a split, translucent plastic curtain. It also had windows made out of the same material. As I approached the door, a girl child took my hand and pulled me away, saying, "No, don't go near it, that's how the Hag sucks you in."

As I am no more cautious in dreams than in waking life, I snuck a hand around the corner of the wall to where the door was, and gave the plastic a push. I was immediately sucked around the corner and forward, and the flaps of the door started to blow up and apart. I remember thinking, "Here we go," and while I was initially afraid, I wasn't terrified, especially when I got pulled in and the roaring wind stopped and all went silent.

That, of course, is when I woke up. So I don't know what the Hag looks like, or why she gave up that cute little chicken-footed hut for a room within a room with plastic doors and windows. I'm really hoping to find out tonight.

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