Thursday, November 8, 2012

Dreams, Part II.

Last night featured the following dreams:

I was driving through an intersection with a red-light camera. It had just turned red but there was no-one else driving, so I went through the intersection anyway, running over the camera in the process. I mean, I plowed that thing. Interpretation: people in Texas hate red-light cameras.

I was lost in a dormitory, when one of my friends who is in college finally appeared. She was explaining that on her floor (which was set up like one giant room), she seemed to be in charge (she's a dominant in real life). I said, "Some people naturally lead, and some naturally follow". Interpretation: I use cliches far more in dreams than in waking life.

I was driving through a part of town that had been fairly rough, but had started to gentrify. Except the gentrification didn't take, and everything was dark, store windows papered over, everything closed, hardly any working streetlights. Interpretation: I really have no flippant remark about this one. I'd say it's about how I'll probably have to go back to an office job, with the riding lessons as a sideline, but somehow, that just doesn't sit right.

And the red-light camera is probably actually about accidentally breaking my housemates' marble rolling pin last night. I hate it when I break other peoples' things, especially when I was trying to be very, very careful.

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