Saturday, October 27, 2012

Samhain Wonderland.

Granted, we haven't gotten the festivities on the way I would've liked. But there was dinner last night with the Housemates and some friends, and a plate for the Ancestors.

And now, from my own warped brain, I give you...

Walkin' in a Samhain Wonderland
Bones rattling, are you listnin'?
In the lane, offerin's glistnin',
What a beautiful sight,
We're happy tonight,
Walkin' in a Samhain wonderland.
Sidhe-folk troop out of their mounds
Here's the Hunt and all of its' hounds
Extra turnips to carve,
Hurrah! We won't starve!
Walkin' in a Samhain wonderland.
Maybe later we can read the Tarot,
And play some funny tricks on Parson Brown,
He'll say, "Did you do this?", we'll say, "no man,
'Twas the Man in Black who knocked your outhouse down"
Later on, we'll perspire
As we dance by the fire
We're happy to say
It's the New Year today
Walkin' in a Samhain wonderland.

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