Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Samhain To All.

And, because I cannot help myself...

'Twas The Night Of Samhain

'Twas the night of Samhain, and back at the house
The cats were all stirring like they'd seen a mouse.
The pumpkin was set on the counter with care
In the hopes our Beloved Dead soon would be there.

I'd taken off my breeches and my riding cap
And made a to-do list; no time to nap!
A salmon to cook for it's the fish of the wise
But then what should appear to my wondering eyes?

A great horned figure, and his retinue,
So many creatures, it looked like a zoo.
Here in the subdivison? Racing at that speed?
But to the stop sign they all paid no heed.

I heard them calling, "Hail Cernnuons! Hail Pan!
Hail Odin and Herne and come if you can!"
So I followed along as fast as I could
As the whole company headed into the wood

I saw dancing and revelry, wild and fast
We partied for hours and I had a blast.
When I came back, the fish wasn't done
And no-one believed the tale of my fun.

As I was scolded, what rose 'gainst the moon?
The Wild Hunt again, not a moment too soon!
As the Horned One rode past our place again,
They had to admit that I wasn't insane.

We stood unmoving, as though frozen there,
As the Horned One and his Hunt took to the air.
We heard him call as they flew out of sight,
"Happy Samhain to all, and to all a good fright!"

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