Monday, October 22, 2012

When Life Gets In The Way.

Despite my best intentions to Demand Some Answers this Sunday, life got in the way.

First, a lesson at the New Barn, which was fabulous. My students were adorable and pretty darn talented. Next was meeting The Ex to get my dog for a walk in the state forest. Then home and chatting with Housemate #1. After that, off to the store for foodstuffs. Cooking of the foodstuffs followed. Husband was in bed and dead to the world by 9pm after a grueling day spent disposing of The Jeep That Would Not Run, (aka Remind Me To Curse Hell Out Of The Asshole Who Sold Us This Thing).

And then I went to bed, as Husband has overtime this week. Despite it being "overtime", this actually means that he has to be at work at 4am. Which meant we had to be up by 2:10am at the latest in order to feed him and pack his lunch and whatnot. Ugh. Money good. Schedule bad.

I've got five hours before I have to be at the New Barn again for more lessons, and I fully intend to get some time in front of the altar before then.


  1. If all else fails, maybe a horse for an altar? Sounds terribly new-agey, I know, but as someone once said -- If you you're not able do magic while standing naked in a concrete bunker holding a plunger handle, then you're not doing it right! ((Laughing))

  2. Actually, it doesn't sound New-Agey at all - it reminds me of Irish tales about sovereignty goddesses and would-be kings having to mate (symbolically or otherwise, I don't think anyone's sure)with mares.

    I think gathering some horse-related items on the sly might be something to do at the New Barn tomorrow...thanks for the idea :).

    And "naked in a concrete bunker" - hysterical and true!