Friday, February 24, 2012

Transwomen and The Ocelot.

Because I am indeed a pedantic person - law school will do that to you - I thought I'd make something incredibly, painfully clear:

I support the inclusion of transwomen in women's spaces/rituals/girls' nights out, because they are women.

I don't care what a transwoman does or doesn't have in her pants. I don't think biology is destiny. I don't think a uterus makes the woman. In fact, I'm not really sure that the category of "woman" is nothing more than a social construct, but if it has meaning for people (that isn't used to oppress large portions of the population), that's fine.

I recognize that my experience of being a "woman" differs from that of many other people who also identify as "woman", and that this makes neither my or their experience invalid.

Transwomen do not need me to validate their feelings that they should be allowed into a "women's" space. They are capable of determining when they are being discriminated against without my or anyone else's validation.

I would have no problem having a transwoman as a friend, partner, or coven member.

Z Budapest is being transphobic. She may change. Her trad may change with or without her. As I am not a Dianic Wiccan of her trad (there are those McFarland Dianics, after all), I have nothing further to say except that I feel her position on transwomen is wrong.

That's it. It's time to go give the cats some primo 'nip and watch something like "Super Troopers" on Netflix.

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